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Hello Nero Community!
It is time to announce the Nero Piedmont, and National, 9 day event as well as the pricing for the event. 

The event will run from August 2, check-in will begin at 5pm, and run until Sunday morning, August 11, at 6am. Sunday afternoon will be used for clean-up of the camp.

Camp McNeil Cub Scout World
13165 Highway 53 West
White Oak, NC 28399

Without further ado: The price “At the Door” day of event will be $250 or $30/day

If you let us know that you are coming, then your price would be $240 (save $10)
If you also prepay for the event, then your price would be $230 (save another $10)
If you have a PIEDMONT membership (different than the National membership), then your price would be $190 (save additional $40)
You can purchase a Nero Piedmont membership for $25 that can be used on the savings of the 9 day event. 

We will have 100 beds available to start, 50 in the fort and 50 in the space station, used as tavern. We will have the rest available for NPC’s. We MUST have, at least, 20 NPC’s pre-registered in order for us to run a quality event. Also, in order to prevent event cancellation, we will need at least 25 pre-registrations to make certain that the camp is fully paid for. Pre-registrations and purchasing of a Nero Piedmont Membership can be sent through Paypal to

If you have any questions, please feel free to message Nero Piedmont on facebook or send us an email at



With the holiday season on its way, the economy has had its share of troubled times leaving a lot of people without anything to eat during the holidays. At the next event, Nero Piedmont will have special donation boxes where you have the opportunity to donate items for those in need and get some goblin stamps in the process.
For each can donated you will receive 10 goblin stamps.
All proceeds will go to:
Second Harvest Food Bank
3655 Reed Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27107

Thank you for your donations!!!!


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Thank you everyone for a great season. Please remember that the September event will be the start of the 9th edition rulebook and policies. Keep checking the website and forums for all latest announcements. Have a wonderful and safe summer!


Welcome to the new website of Nero Piedmont! I hope you like it. There is a LOT of changes that were made and a LOT of information placed on here.


Getting back in the swing of things. Modifying website and adding player information.


The one day is approaching this coming weekend. Be sure to email logistics with all your character updates and production. More to come about the Con Carolinas as well.


Received information regarding NERO 9th edition rules. The owners have expressed interest in going to the 9th edition ruleset and giving feedback on how the game rules are working. More to come regarding this in the next 7-10 days.


Working on making sure all links and resources work that are currently listed. Will update Player Resources area as soon as website is working correctly. Please remember, the National Database has completed the update! Go to the National website forums for more information.


Happy New Year NERO Piedmont!!!!