Nero Piedmont Membership Package

The Nero Piedmont membership package is optional. There is a fee of $15 for anyone who wishes their character to be placed on the Nero National Database. With the Nero Piedmont membership package, you get the choice of using the National Database or the Local Sheets.
  1. Your annual Nero Piedmont membership fee is $25, includes the $15 National membership, and is valid 1 year after purchase.
  2. You receive five dollars ($5) off every two (2) game days. This will work with the LCO NPC grab bag tags as well, but only one (1) NPC grab bag discount can be used per event. This will also work with any BGA's, Between Game Actions, that you wish to purchase.
  3. Your character sheet will be on the Nero National Character Database, within the Piedmont Chapter section. You will have 24x7 access to your character sheet. You can also pick your own skills with the free build that you have acquired. Nero Piedmont Logistics will still be your central point of contact with any questions, issues or concerns regarding your character sheet.
  4. The National database is backed up monthly to prevent any type of possible loss of data.
  5. You can have up to SIX (6) characters on the database at one time. Goblins stamps can be applied to any, or all, of them at any time.
  6. You will be able to use the Nero Piedmont bank system*. Why carry around all of that gold when there is a possibility to get rogued? Put it in the bank! No surcharges, no hidden fees and no worries of where your money is in between events.

NOTE: This is subject to be used at the Nero Piedmont Chapter ONLY. If you travel out of chapter, please plan accordingly! Maximum limits (100 gold) of withdrawal are applied and all withdrawals must be made at the BEGINNING of the event. NO CHECK WRITING or IOU's allowed