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Best opportunity for buying cheap fast wow gold for safewow

Postby ownher12 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:17 am

When you <a href="" title="wow gold"><strong>buy gold wow</strong></a> do get your turn, NEVER ask, "What's good?" When I am insanely busy, my answer will always be "beer."</p>
<p>Rule 2a: This may sound petty, but pllleeeaaease don't say, "Make me whatever." I don't know why we bartenders hate that, but we do, so just order something anything. At the VERY least, say "A vodka drink of your choice" or "Anything with tequila" give me something to go on, please.</p>
<p>Here's a good one: "I want something fruity and really strong, but I don't want to taste the alcohol." I have three little words for you: f**k right off.</p>
<p>This maybe the biggest rookie mistake you can make. Never, and I mean NEVER ask the bartender to "Hook It Up" or "Make it strong." This is exponentially true if the bartender doesn't know you and/or it is your first drink in the place. If you are a good tipper, your next drink will be very strong. We half comatose bartenders can barely remember our own work schedules and frequently forget mandatory meetings (especially if it is a "annual cleaning party"), but we will remember a good tipper every damn time.</p>
<p>This is extremely specific to tonight at work, so indulge me for just a second because well, just listen. Don't pay or tip the bartender in purse change you know who you are. This isn't because I don't appreciate the thought; you are just making yourself look like a complete idiot. I would rather get stiffed on a tip than count the handful of nickels and pennies you dumped on the counter. You look like a homeless person. Actually I would appreciate it coming from a homeless person; I don't appreciate it from the Paris Hilton wannabe who has attempted to get someone to buy her a drink, only to fail so miserably that she has to to run out to her car and dump out the ashtrays to come up with enough money for the one $3 ladies' night special drink she is going to sip on all night and use the "I am so drunk" mating call in a desperate effort to have that second drink paid for by some poor military guy the night before he leaves for Iraq. I'm over it. Keep your change, and don't complain about me when I don't take your f**king change. Suck it up. Get a job.</p>
<p>Have you ever wondered what an appropriate bartender tip is? Let me just give you some pointers.</p>
<p>If you are a running a tab and the bartender has been taking care of you, maybe even bought you a shot or a drink, estimate the cost of what you got for free and mentally add it on to the bill before you decide on that tip. For example: Last night, the boss of one of our employees (from his other job) comes in with a few people. I put a ROUND of drinks for them on my tab the "comp" tab probably amounted to about $25 or $30 in cocktails. It was a very busy night, during which, by the way, he was banging on the counter and snapping and waving at me in the middle of my taking other people's orders (he was enough of a jack ass that I was really REALLY sorry that I comp'd those drinks), and at the end of the night, his tab was $75. He left us $5. FIVE. One, two, three, four five. Not even 10 percent. Add on the comp $25, and his tab would've been about $100; good regulars would've left $30 he left FIVE. Do you think I will ever take care of him again? NOPE. Will his snapping and waving get ignored? YEP. Like he is the f'n invisible man. He got in my face and interrupted me while I was straining to hear an order from someone who had been waiting, and I said, "You are going to have to wait until I am finished with this." Maybe that pissed him off I don't care. I don't jump out of an order for anyone, unless you are a very good regular who is polite, a good tipper, and SOMEWHAT patient. So that is what NOT to do.</p>
<p>If you are ordering a standard beer, wine, or drink, $1 each time is nice. If you are running a tab and satisfied that the bar staff got to you as fast as humanly possible, 20 percent is nice too. My best regulars tip over 30% and get treated accordingly. So find your comfort zone do what you need to do. But if you think tipping is not required, do what you do in your comfort zone somewhere else.</p>
<p>When you ask the price of your beer and I say, "Four dollars," and you get that look of shock and awe on your face and scream back, "FOUR DOLLARS???!!!", do you realize what an ass you look like? It is what it is, I didn't set the price, and my name ain't on the sign outside, so the only thing you have managed to do is make everyone within earshot know you are cheap.</p>
<p>If you only have $6 in you pocket, ask the price of something before you order it. I have had a small but growing trend of people order, I make the drink, I say, "Seven dollars," and they say, "OH, I only have $6" And then they give me a look to say, "Can I have it anyway?" GO AWAY.</p>
<p>Wait, one more thing:</p>
<p>When your drink comes to $5.25 and you give me $5, and I say, "No, I said, 'Five twenty five," and then I get the look like, "OMG, I can't believe she's asking me for 25 cents," yes, I am, because I AM NOT FINANCING YOUR DRINK. It is five TWENTY FIVE, and if you don't pay it, I have to. So on top of me not getting a tip, you expect me to help you pay. I don't think so. Again, GO AWAY. C'mon now.</p>
<p>This is not a rule, maybe just a request. Say you are under 25 and you went to Red Robin last week and they have some sort of funky shot that their 22 year old bartender made up in his spare time while he wasn't playing World of Warcraft, and it is called oh, I don't know a juicy fantasy. You think this is a real drink, then you get irritated with me for not knowing it and ask for another goofy thing like oh, I don't know, a flaming green monster, and still get more irritated, so I just walk away like I can't hear you talking anymore don't take it personally. Just understand that every place has their own drinks. If you go somewhere like that and you like one of those drinks so much that you have to order it everywhere you go instead of the 3,000 other drinks we actually do make, then ask the bartender at Red Robin for the recipe, and I will glady do my best to replicate it for you, with a smile and a drop of Visine.</p>
<p>One More ThingI know this might shock you, but I have another pet peeve to add to the list. For this one, you may actually have to be a bartender to really understand.</p>
<p>Okay, the guy walks up, orders two or three drinks and then gives you the raised eyebrow, deer in the headlights look that means, "How much?" All the while, he has a double fisted, white knuckled, firm grasp on his $20 he's not gonna hand that money over until I tell him exactly how much it is.</p>
<p>Now maybe most bars have a standard two or three tiered price structure, but at the good ol' place where I work, the owners all got trashed one night and assigned a different price to every drink on our list. So about 50 percent of the time I can guess pretty closely, but, well I digress the point is the idiot with the $20 ain't lettin' go until I ring it up and tell him to the penny exactly how much it is. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, JACKASS? Just hand it over, and I will give you the change! These people have created a monster in me. Now what I do is just give it my best guess, round up, and give them a total that MAY OR MAY NOT be exactly correct. If they stick around for the change, I'll give it; if they don't they dont! Due to the fact that my list keeps getting longer, sometimes I think maybe, just maybe, it is time to get out of the business. But to be honest, the list of what I do like about bartending is a lot longer than what I don't like about it I think. Maybe it's time to reassess. Please feel free to add to it I have gotten some hilarious comments and peeves from others over the years. One of the best bartenders I ever worked with started at Red Robin I think the busier locations probably produce some quality "mixologists" who can handle some high volume definitely money to be made there! One of the best tips I ever got from him was to get your regulars to know each other that way when you are busy they will entertain themselves by conversing with each other and eventually it will be like one big happy party and they will return more often for the camaraderie they have all built. And on that note build quality regulars you get to choose! So build with fun social people. Even if they aren't monster tippers if they are ones that add something good to the atmosphere, then more people like that will come back more often it all adds up. I worked at one place that had 70 different scotches and I was required to know the details of them all, another place that had 170 micro brews on tap. which is worse a pretentious bartender or a pretentious customer? I know bartenders can get very arrogant I hate that too I came up through the ranks under some of the meanest, and I vowed to never get that way. Some people are more "foodies" hats off to you in fact I'm with you! The older I get the more I appreciate a good dining server over a bartender, really I already know what I like to drink!</p>
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